• You have to be ready and motivated to change. If you are, Lili will show you EXACTLY how to free your mind. I’ve completely regained control over my thoughts in just a few sessions. Lili Daoud is a lifesaver.


    Most amazing therapist! She did more than just listen to my problems, she helped fix them with CBT. She even integrated my christian faith into the therapy in the exact way i needed it.


    I don’t even know where to begin .. Lili saved my life. I still struggle every day but I am able to get through the day because of Lili. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of myself when I talked to her because she made me feel normal. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. OCD was taking over my life and the techniques that I learned in my session I use every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I am not cured by any means but I know I will be okay and that’s because of Lili. It’s an ongoing battle but I am able to fight every day because of my therapist. I cannot thank her enough for showing me how to live again. Thank you!!


    I went to Lili at the recommendation of a therapist I had been seeing for a few years, who was helping me cope with unabating anxiety/panic. I was feeling completely hopeless, doomed to live the rest of my life with the disorder.

    Within the first couple of sessions, Lili helped me make a quantum shift in my thinking, through the use of the CBT skills. She gave me the work and explained how it helps, and doing the work has helped me in fundamental ways.

    I would wake up daily with anxiety about the day, my stomach in knots, dreading the day. Now, with the tools that Lili has empowered me with, those feelings for the most part have gone away, replaced with a new way of thinking. I am always a work in progress, and after Lili’s sessions, I am in a better place and on a better path.

    The most important thing to do is the homework that Lili gives you. Doing the work pays off in immeasurable dividends and can help change your life for the better. It sure helped me.

    Thank you Lili for your professionalism, your eagerness to help me, and your deep understanding of how CBT can help change a person’s life for the better.


    Simply put, Lili is one of the most competent therapists I have ever come across. Her REBT methodologies are sound and research backed. She is very empathetic and then immediately gets to the root of emotional disturbance and helps to root it out. She is a hidden gem and I would definitely recommend her.


    Lili Daoud saved our daughter’s life. Without Lili Daoud our daughter would be dead. After 1.5 years with the wrong diagnosis, Lili Daoud provided a correct diagnosis, sought nationwide care facilities, genomic testing for the right meds, and brought our hardworking focused daughter back to us. .. after 4 years of terror, now thriving in college. PLEASE Don’t Wait! Social Media is the cancer of our time among the vulnerable youngsters. If your children are having problems, talk to Lili or others.


    Absolutely phenomenal!! Helped my daughter through her severe anxiety and depression. I’d recommend Dr. Lili to ANYONE suffering from mental illness’s. If only all doctors were as educated and helpful as Dr. Lili


    My name is A. K., and i’ve been going to Dr. Lili for about 3 weeks. First i’m gonna give you a little background on my situation. I’m 17 years old, and i had severe Anxiety to the point where i didn’t feel comfortable to leave my house. This went on for about 7 months, and it was the biggest struggle in my entire life. I went to doctor after doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and no one explained to me what was wrong with me the way Dr. Lili did. Dr. Lili saved my life by determining what I actually had, and how to approach it. The major thing i had was OCD, and she got me to take baby steps and challenge myself. It’s been a significant recovery, and the second i saw Dr. Lili, i knew i was in good hands. I suggest every person with anxiety, depression, and basically any mental illness to see Dr. Lili. I got my life back, thanks to Dr. Lili


    Lili has been everything I needed and more. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life but it was mostly situational. But 3 months ago I experienced my very first panic attack. I’ve never felt anything worse in my life. It was extremely debilitating and stole my freedom, sanity, and love for life. It prayed upon my worst fears and caused intrusive thoughts that I never in million years would think I would be capable of thinking. There were moments where I felt totally disconnected from anything and everything. There was no way I could escape myself, so one night after having a panic attack I relentlessly searched the internet for a therapist and I just so happened to find the person that I feel I was meant find. I consider her my angel. Lili is amazing beyond words. My first meeting with her she explained that she can treat anxiety/panic attacks in 2-3 sessions in SOME cases … I thought in my head “yeah right lady – you’ll be seeing my face every week for the next year”. But thankfully I was wrong, I had a total of 4 sessions and I no longer have panic attacks or torturing myself with inconceivable thoughts. She’s compassionate, non-judgmental, intelligent, and knows exactly what she is doing. She has many years of experience and also knows first hand about anxiety disorders – which for me is better therapy because it’s an unsaid understanding that brings you comfort. If you’re seeking help, new tools on how to deal with your situation, or a caring heart to help you heal – PLEASE make an appointment with Lili. You will only benefit your self and life from seeing her.